*NEW* Wellness Appointments on Thursdays

*NEW* services for Beesley Animal Clinic. Appointments will be needed for new services on Thursdays. The Beesley Animal Clinic will now be accepting appointments on Thursdays for Wellness Visits, Heartworm Tests, Feline Leukemia Tests, Ear Cleaning, and Skin Evaluations.  Spay/Neuter Surgeries will now be performed Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays ONLY. Vaccinations will be given Monday-Thursday, […]

Animal Outreach Beyond Beesley Animal Clinic Walls

Senior Center Outreach Day

The Beesley Animal Foundation started an Outreach Program to serve the homeless, seniors, and others who are underserved throughout our community. We go out to different locations the first Fridays of most months to five rabies and distemper vaccinations to the dogs and cats of those who need it. As part of Beesley’s Outreach Program, we have a cat and dog food program. We work with 9 organizations throughout Rutherford and Cannon Counties to hand out cat and dog food when they do their human food distribution days. It is truly and honor for our staff and volunteers to be able to help in this manner.