Surgery Application for Spay & Neuter

Thank you for choosing the Beesley Animal Clinic!  Surgery appointments will be made with receipt of application and payment.  Unfortunately, we do accept applications or payment over the phone or email.  To schedule an appointment, please come into the clinic to complete an application and prepay at that time or you can download the BAC App Sx 2021 and mail it in with a CHECK or MONEY ORDER and once we receive the paperwork and payment at the clinic, we will call you to schedule your animals surgery appointment.  Please complete, read and sign both front and back of the Application prior to mailing.

Older animals require special handling, so please call or stop by the clinic for specific details and instructions if you wish to schedule a spay/neuter surgery appointment for an older dog or cat.

Spay/Neuter Surgery Cost

Dog Neuter(Male)

up to 35 lbs        $55
36-55 lbs            $65
56-75 lbs            $75
76-80 lbs            $95

*Cryptochordism-Post surgery fee Simple $20, Complicated up to $95

Dog Spay (Female)

up to 35 lbs        $70
36-55 lbs            $80
56-75 lbs            $90
76-80 lbs            $105
* Heat/Pregnancy (<40 lbs $20; >40 lbs $25 post-surgery fee); Pyometra <40# $20; >40# $25 post surgery PLUS cost of antibiotics

Cat Neuter (Male)     $45

Cat Spay (Female)    $50
*Heat/pregnancy $15 post surgery fee

ALL PETS MUST BE UP TO DATE ON VACCINATIONS (Rabies and Distemper) or they can receive them the day of surgery for an additional cost of $30.

Other Optional Services during surgery

Canine Heartworm Test $25

Feline FeLv/FIV Test $32

Microchipping $12

Fecal $20

Anal Glands $10

Skin Scrape $20

Ear Cleaning $10; Ear Cytology $20

Application for Spay/Neuter is available here:  BAC App Sx 2021.  Please download, print and complete both front and back and bring it with you to the clinic to schedule your pets surgery.  Or they are available at the clinic.

If you need assistance or have questions, please call our office at 615-890-6878

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